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Yes it's me! Online! Bet you're cheering now, right? Actally probably not. Probably you're wondering who the heck Shiver is and why you're not at the "Slap a Spicegirl" page already. I don't blame you. However, here's a list of all the horrible things that will happen to you if you leave now: 1. ".........." Bet you're shaking. Well actually this place isn't totally stupid. You can find out info about me or go to my Millennium pages or just hang out and feel good about bumping my web-counter up one notch...

This may or may not look like me

Shiver: Her Boring Life

Shiver may (or may not) exist. Shiver may (or may not) live (or not-live) in Vancouver B.C. This may (or may not) make Shiver a Canadian. Shiver is approximately 26 years old, and works in the exciting world of industrial espionage. She was found abandoned in a snow bank in Squamish and raised by a pack of wolves. Since then she has worked as a hostage negotiator, climbed Mount Everest without supplementary oxygen, visited the North Pole and found herself in the middle of a shark feeding-frenzy in the Red Sea, although thankfully not all at the same time. On second thought that is probably someone else's life. In reality Shiver is probably less than 26, has never been to the North Pole, or encountered a shark outside of Vancouver Aquarium. She works in the highly exciting world of high school. She has, however, discovered a tomb in Cyprus, almost been devoured by lions AND crocodiles, and has lived in Saudi Arabia. She has visited Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Jordan, Scotland, England, Ireland, France, Kenya and the United States. Still to go: Russia, Guatemala, China and the South Pole.

Links to my other home pages

Shiver's Millennium Site: A tongue-in-cheek look at one of my favourite TV shows
Shiver's Fantasy page: Under Construction
Shiver's Borrible Site: a shrine to one of my favourite books.
Jarlaxle: Who the hell is he? a web page devoted to a character from R.A. Salvatore's Dark Elf novels.

Other Links

You can visit the homepage of a friend of mine, Katie Everitt, here. It's a guide to some of our favourite authors - and a very good Drizzt page too!!!

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