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Vol.1 Iss.3
Millennium Comet Archive Site

The Millennial Comet - Vol.1 Iss.3


The Comet's getting a home on the web!


What's new in the "Millennium" world. Upcoming episodes, rumors, and
announcements from FOX, the producers, and our favorite actors. This issue,
excitement on the way as "Millennium" heads for ending season two with a bang!


This issue, the first female writers of the "Millennium" writing staff, Erin
Maher and Kay Reindl, strike episodic gold with their second entry, "Midnight
of the Century". Was heaven reaching out to Frank to let him know he has
their support?


The shocking news that proves "Millennium" isn't far from the truth! This
issue, the New England state of Massachusetts has a serial killer on their


This time we take a look at the official Kristen Cloke web site, a tribute to
the woman behind Lara Means...


The end of the world hits, but not in the traditionally expected manner, in
Nevil Shute's classic novel "On the Beach".



Hello everyone.

Recently, I had a request from a reader that I let you all know how many
subscribers this newsletter has with each new issue. Well, as of this issue,
"The Millennial Comet" has exactly 286 subscribers. This number has grown
with each new issue that is sent out, a trend I'm expecting to continue. So,
if someone you know downplays "Millennium" because "no one watches that show",
you can tell them otherwise!!!

FYI, "The Millennial Abyss" website now has an easier address! In case you
don't have the site bookmarked or memorized, you can now use the easier
The site is still hosted at the address, but I recently
discovered a service that creates a link directly there. I'm hoping
this will be more convenient.

ALSO, I'm currently working very hard on completing a website specifically for
the management and promotion of this newsletter. Information regarding the
newsletter, subscription forms, a listing of sources and contributors, and
downloadable back issues will all be featured here. I'm also investigating
the idea of an online letter column. Let me know if you have any comments
regarding this. Thank you!!!

Expect the next issue, issue four, in your mailbox around the 14th of March.

Thanks, and enjoy this round of the Comet!!!!!!!!!

--Brian A. Dixon



Upcoming Episodes:

2.14 "Owls" (part 1 of 2) - 3/6/98
Written by Glen Morgan & James Wong, Edited by George R. Potter, Directed by
Thomas J. Wright.
2.16 "Roosters" (part 2 of 2) - 3/13/98
Written by Glen Morgan & James Wong, Edited by Chris Willingham, A.C.E.,
Directed by Thomas J. Wright.
2.17 "Siren" - 3/20/98
2.18 "In Arcadia Ego" - 04/03/98

This Friday will be the airing of the opening half of an exciting two-part
"Millennium" mythology epic. "Owls" shows us the discovery of an ancient
artifact with immense power... the cross of Christ's crucifixion. This
discovery leads to a splitting of the Millennium Group, the fruition of a
story seed planted first with Cheryl Andrews' betrayal in "The Hand of Saint
Sebastian". You can bet that we'll get at least a little deeper into the
mystery that is the Millennium Group, and from the looks of the FOX
advertisement there'll be plenty of action too.

Then, on March's Friday the 13th, "Roosters" will show the exciting conclusion
to the two-parter. "Roosters"'s guest cast list features R. J. Armstrong, who
fans will remember as the wise old man (the Millennium Group's Yoda, if you
will) from "Beware of the Dog". Apparently, we have NOT seen the last of his
involvement with the Group.

"Owls" will be the first of four new episodes in a row for the "Millennium"
program schedule. There is planned to be a one week break, a rerun on April
10, after which 5 new episodes airing in a row will take us right up to the
May season finale.

Another episode written and directed by Emmy Award winning fan favorite Darin
Morgan ("Jose Chung's Doomsday Defense") is also supposedly on the way before
season's end. When questioned in a recent online interview whether or not
Darin would be doing any acting on the series in the future, such as he did on
"The X-Files" in last season's "Small Potatoes", his brother (and "Millennium"
executive producer) Glen Morgan responded that he thought it would be
interesting if Darin were to portray "the devil" in the episode he's writing
and directing. Has Darin whipped up the first true meeting between Frank
Black and Satan incarnate in one of his deliciously witty scripts? Time will

Fans, check the local newsstands while you still can!!! Issue number 19 of
the British magazine devoted to the unexplained, "X-Posé", features numerous
"Millennium" based articles including an analysis of the pilot episode, an
interview with director James Charleston ("Blood Relatives"/"Wide Open"), and
a look at famous prophecies. With a beautiful art montage of an Ourobouros,
Frank Black, and a mushroom cloud featured on the cover, you can't miss it.

I was informed recently that the official "Millennium" video, featuring
"Pilot" and "Gehenna", has been released by Blockbuster Video in only FOUR
states so far!!! When the video will see nation-wide release is unknown at
this time.

And, to end the news section on a slightly sour note, Harper Prism has
announced only that the long awaited OFFICIAL "Millennium" Guidebook will be
released sometime in the next six months. Looks like when it comes to
"Millennium" merchandise, we fans had better get used to waiting. As I'm sure
Frank would assure us, "Patience is a virtue..."



(NOTE: Spoilers abound in the below review)

"Midnight of the Century"
Episode #2.11
First aired 12/19/97
Written by: Erin Maher & Kay Reindl
Edited by: George R. Potter
Directed by: Dwight Little
Abyss Rating: ***** (5 out of 5)
Synopsis: Christmas Eve and the anniversary of his mother's death bring Frank
into confrontations with Catherine, his estranged father, and even an angel.
BUT, all the painful memories and arguments steer Frank in the right direction
for dealing with some important decisions regarding Jordan and the gifts she's

"Midnight of the Century", one of the season's most touching and powerful
entries, is the perfect companion to our other holiday episode, "The Curse of
Frank Black." On Halloween night, "The Curse of Frank Black" showed us in a
chilling fashion that evil had its eyes locked on Frank. In "Midnight of the
Century", however, we get the other side of the story: heaven is backing Frank
up all the way.

Right in the teaser he gets his first message. Every noise making device in
his home goes off at once, announcing the arrival of a very important letter
at his door. A greeting card post marked 51 years ago with a depiction of an
angel and the simple words "It's the Midnight of the Century". After the
devil made all his alarming efforts to contact Frank in "The Curse of Frank
Black", it looks as if God decided it was time to let him know that he was
getting support and attention from heaven's end as well. And what better time
to do it than Christmas?

As the episode progresses, the signs only get stronger and more personal.
Frank encounters the solid manifestation of an angel on the grounds of the
local church. This angel offers words of wisdom, pointers in the right
direction, and omens of what is to come regarding his life. Later, Frank
turns to three "wise men" who have the uncanny ability to finish each others'
sentences for help at McGrain's Department Store when he cannot find the
proper gift for Jordan. And everywhere he looks, his memory returns him to
that life shattering Christmas Eve in 1946... visions of his mother are
apparent in every store window reflection.

But Frank's signs are not only presented in the extraordinary. The support is
quite evident in the friends he finds himself surrounded by as well. Angels
in the form of those he loves. A depressed and somber Peter Watts lets Frank
know at his Christmas party that his vision makes him an important individual
and that he means so much to the close of the millennium. The ever cheerful
and full of spirit Brian Roedecker drops in on Frank and shows some true
comradery. Last, but certainly not least, a refreshingly serious Lara Means
is more than happy to come over and explain to Frank the importance of
Jordan's gifts and what it's like to be a child and experience such signs.
She gives him direction that come straight from the heart.

"The Curse of Frank Black" and "Midnight of the Century". Yang and Yin. Evil
and good. It's obvious that Frank's abilities, his understanding, place him
at a focal point between these two sides. Together, the two holiday episode
form quite a pair.

The last miracle of the episode is certainly the most powerful. Frank finally
decides to visit his estranged father, Henry. Although angry and bitter upon
his entrance, Frank soon gets to see things from his father's side. He
connects with him and, after hearing the kind of pain his father has had to
live with regarding his family, comes to an understanding of what he's been
through. One can only imagine how it would feel to be in Henry Black's shoes.
His wife and son see visions, talk of death, and seem to be tearing themselves
from the family with each passing personal portent. It's no wonder that
Catherine Black has been acting so bitter towards Frank recently. Her
situation mirrors Henry's. To be the only one in the Black family unable to
understand what it means to have these visions is so distressing, so
alienating, that they're not sure what they can do to hold each other close
again. After talking things over, sharing their pain regarding the woman they
both lost over half a century ago, Frank and his father come to an
understanding. They come close once again, after far too long.

Far too long especially considering the final vision of the episode. Frank's
heart must have stopped beating in his chest the moment he saw a dull, blurry
image of his father walking towards the church that night. Henry will join
his wife again sometime in the coming year... something he's waited very, very
long for.

The sort of touching messages that, seriously, brought tears to my eyes during
viewing. Support can be found all around you. All you have to do is accept
it. Friends, family, even complete strangers. Although the first season of
"Millennium" drove so hard to convince us we live in a dark and gloomy world
where everyone is evil, they've changed the tune. "Midnight of the Century"
strives to teach the exact opposite. Everywhere you look you'll find someone
willing to reach out to you, someone willing to help you up, and someone
willing to walk with you through the cold and the dark. If you open your
eyes, find forgiveness and acceptance in your heart, the heavenly support is
endless. Frank's thankfully learned his lesson, now all he must do is teach
it to Catherine....



After 4 women have been discovered dead under similar gruesome circumstances,
officials in the city of Springfield, Massachusetts, are convinced that this
is the work of a serial killer. All four victims were women, three of them
black, sexually assaulted, killed via suffocation, and left to be found
completely nude.

The first victim attributed to this killer, Robin M. Atkins (29), was
discovered bound and gagged on October 25 in an alley next to the state
welfare office, near the edge of downtown Springfield. One week later, just
down the street, JoAnn C. Thomas (38) was found in her apartment, strangled.
Fears ceased for a time as the months passed and no further bodies were found.
That lasted only until February 2, when the body of Loretta Daniels (38)
appeared in an alley between a local hair salon and a post office. February
11 saw the discovery of Rosemary Downs (43) dead on her own bed.

Because two of the four victims were discovered in their own homes with no
sign of forced entry, officials speculate that they knew their killer.

"I would say it's the crime of the century for Springfield." commented the
city's first female Police Chief Paula C. Meara. Meara believes that these
deaths are the responsibility of a man working by himself because of the
sexual assaults and her own personal "gut feeling". "This person is obviously
very sick: just a criminal of the worst kind, preying on the vulnerable."
After thinking back on her 24 years with the force, she said further, "We have
had a series of rapes while I've been in the department, which gripped the
city. This, though, is on another level because we're seeing premature deaths
of young women, leaving many children behind."

As the mood of Springfield's population of 156,000 begins turning to constant
fear, the police have pushed their force of 560 officers into overtime. The
case is being supervised by five district attorneys, and both the state police
and the FBI have been consulted.

Bret Turvey, a criminal profiler for Knowledge Solutions, a California based
private company that assists authorities with forensics work, recommends that
the police work as hard as they possibly can to force the case to an end. He
commented, "That's the best way to catch these guys. As the investigation
gets bigger and tighter, that's when they'll move on, if they're smart.
Hopefully, he's not." Turvey is sure, from the case facts, that the killer is
sadist who enjoys spending time with the victim before the crime, brutally
torturing them, and fulfilling himself sexually before he kills.

Recently, a fifth woman has gone missing: Joyce Dickerson (37).

Be sure "The Millennial Comet" will conclude this article in a future issue
when more facts are available.



"The Official Kristen Cloke Web Site"
Managed by Matt Staub (

Here is the ultimate tribute to Kristen Cloke, a beautiful and talented
actress who recently began a now permanent role on "Millennium" portraying
another Millennium Group visionary, Lara Means.

The site's sections include her filmography, fan club (the "Diamondbacks"),
mailing lists, merchandise, images and sounds, and two sections devoted
specifically to her two most popular characters, Lara Means and "Space: Above
and Beyond"'s Shane Vansen.

The site is enhanced with some excellent publicity photos from Kristen's
numerous screen roles. It has a very professional look to it. Even though
they've moved to the address just recently and are not
completely done transferring all of the files, it sure looks like they're on
top of things.

Admittedly, you must have some specific interest in Kristen or her career as
an actress for the site to be of any true value to you. If you don't
particularly care for the character of Lara Means or Kristen's portrayal of
her, surf elsewhere. But I would recommend taking at least a glance. It's a
nice site that I'm sure will be getting a lot more traffic as Kristen's
character on "Millennium" gains popularity.



NOVEL: "On the Beach" by Nevil Shute (1957)

The one idea that looms behind "Millennium" as a series at all times is that
of the end of the world. The apocalypse. Doomsday. Since the dawn of time,
the human mind has come up with countless different fears as to how the world
might end. And we've come up with nearly as many ways of making it possible.

In Nevil Shute's classic "On the Beach", the concept of and end to the human
race is broached in a very non-traditional way: passively. Shute quotes T. S.
Eliot as an introduction to the story with the words, "In this last of meeting
places, We grope together, And avoid speech, Gathered on this beach of the
tumid river... This is the way the world ends, This is the way the world ends,
This is the way the world ends, Not with a bang but a whimper."

The book has the Earth suffering the effects of a most terrifying and horrific
war, but Shute never shows us any of the suspense or action of these wartime
events themselves. Instead he opens on a quiet morning, after the war has
died down, and Lieutenant Commander Peter Holmes of the Royal Australian Navy.
People are trying to keep themselves busy, trying to move on with their lives,
and trying to ignore the fact that they have just a few short months left.
The war has left the Earth covered with great radiation clouds that, when
completed circling through the atmosphere on the winds, will bring silent
death to the entire human race.

The novel from start to finish has a quiet, disturbingly calm, and melancholy
feel to it... just as it should. Although the characters, Peter Holmes'
family and friends, are engaging in fun and sociable activities to keep
themselves occupied and amused, you can feel the terror that grips them from
within. Slowly but surely, they are all dying. Family, career, religion,
alcohol, sex... all things the characters try so desperately to find some
solace in. After a while your gut does not want you to continue reading,
mainly because you know the horrible end that they have coming is completely
unavoidable, but you continue to do so regardless. You need to know how the
characters make their exits from this life, and you pray that its with dignity
and without pain.

While we have yet to see what "Millennium"'s vision of doomsday truly is, "On
the Beach" presents one that is so completely opposite of the Hollywood
special effects we are used to yet so sickeningly more realistic. The world
makes its exit not with a bang, but a whimper. So real it grabs you at the
very core of your humanity.

Admittedly a bit drawn out and slow at times, "On the Beach" nonetheless was
one of the most satisfying novels I have read in a long time. It is truly the
sort of novel that leaves an emotional lump inside you when you close it. If
you're a real reader who frequently tackles this type of work and are looking
for an excellent emotional and terrifyingly real novel, this is it. Consider
the end of the world not from the traditional fireworks point of view, but
from the teary eyes of a handful of desperate people waiting for the end to
slowly roll its way towards them.

"On the Beach" by Nevil Shute, Ballantine Books, copyright 1957 William Morrow
and Company Inc.


the unofficial "Millennium" newsletter

Written by Brian A. Dixon (

Volume 1, Issue 3

March 1, 1998

"The Millennial Comet"
Volume 1, Issue 3 - March 1, 1998
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